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Learn how to get the most out of Timemator’s powerful features and fully automate your time-tracking workflow

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iCloud Sync Guide

Check out this guide to learn more about the iCloud Sync feature.

iCloud Sync Troubleshooting

This steps will help you if you experience any troubles with syncing your data.


What is Auto-tracking and how can it improve my daily work?

Auto-tracking will start the timer for you without taking away your control over it. You just need to define a few rules for Timemator - no worries, we'll guide you in creating these rules. After that, Timemator will work completely autonomously — to start and pause the timer depending on your behavior. Please write us an email if you experience any issues with it.

Why doesn't Auto-tracking start the tracking of time?

We've thoroughly tested Auto-tracking, but this feature can be configured in many different ways, so some problems may occur. Please write us an email if you have issues with Auto-tracking. We are more than happy to support you. Your feedback helps us to continue to improve this feature.

Can you access my data?

No. Your data belongs to you and we have no access to it. We take your privacy very seriously and will never abuse your trust in us. Please view our privacy policy for more details.

Can I export Timemator data to other services?

Sure! Timemator provides the possibility to export a CSV-file which can be imported into other apps and services.

Can I install Timemator on multiple Macs?

Yes, when you purchase Timemator your license entitles you to use the app on 2 computers at the same time. You can use the iCloud Sync to keep your data updated across all your devices.