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Privacy Policy


We make high-quality software and we respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We have no motivation to collect any of your personal data, or more data than needed to provide the main functionality of the app.

Effective date: May 4, 2020

Responsible for data processing:

Name: Gleb Kotov
Address: Friedhofstr. 108, 77694 Kehl, Germany
Email: support@timemator.com

Data processing / collecting

Timemator (without using iCloud Sync)

To provide the time-tracking functionality, all the tracked data (tasks, folders, sessions, auto-tracking rules, and activity entries) and the app preferences are stored locally on your Mac. None of this data will ever leave the app or will be transferred to us or any third party. All this data belongs only to you and will be safely stored on your device.

While running Timemator we use Microsoft AppCenter service to collect anonymous statistics for the number of app launches, operation systems, and app versions.

In rare cases, If the app crashes we collect anonymous reports with Sentry to be able to inspect bugs and fix them for you.
Sentry’s privacy policy

We use Paddle as our payment service and licensing provider. All the data is required for purchasing will be transferred to their service
Paddle’s Privacy policy
Paddle’s Terms and conditions

Timemator with iCloud Sync

If you activate the iCloud Sync, we will use Apple’s iCloud Service (privacy policy) to keep your data synced across your devices. All this data will be transferred using SSL-encrypted connection and stored in your private container that only you with your Apple-ID credentials have access to. We have no influence on processing this data and we don’t get any personal information from your Apple ID account.

Check out our iCloud Sync guide to learn more about what data will be synced across your devices.

If you have any further questions, please write to us at:
We will be happy to support you!