Timemator 2 | iCloud Sync Troubleshooting

iCloud Sync Troubleshooting

Usually, it might take a moment to sync all your data to iCloud, especially on the initial sync, but if you experience any troubles while syncing your tracking data between your Macs using the iCloud Sync try the following troubleshooting steps:

Before you continue, please make sure that…

  • … the iCloud Sync is activated in Timemator’s preferences.
  • … you have the latest Timemator version installed. Go to TimematorCheck for Updates…
  • … you’re signed in to your Apple ID in the System PreferencesApple ID and the iCloud Drive is activated for Timemator.
  • … you’re signed in with the same Apple ID on all your devices.
  • … you have a Firewall or other apps that could block Timemator’s network traffic.
  • … you have enough iCloud storage left.
  • … the status of Apple’s iCloud services is “green”. Check for iCloud Drive and iCloud Account & Sign In.

Try next steps:

  • Restart your Mac(s) and see if they resume syncing.
  • Disable the iCloud Sync in the Timemator’s preferences and enable it again. It should rebuild this sync tracking data and re-sync your data with the Cloud again.
  • Disable iCloud Sync on all other devices or disconnect them, and try to reset cloud data with File → hold the ALT key and select Reset Cloud Data…

If you’ve tried all of the above and Timemator still isn’t syncing with iCloud, please drop us a report to support@timemator.com and we will try to help you.