Timemator 2 | iCloud Sync Guide

iCloud Sync Guide

In Timemator 2.5 we’ve introduced the iCloud Sync that keeps all your tasks, folders, sessions, and auto-tracking rules updated across all your Macs.

What data will be synced?

  • Tasks and folders
  • Tracking sessions
  • Current running session
  • Auto-tracking rules

Following data will NOT be synced and will be safely stored on your devices:

  • Activity timeline data
  • App preferences

How to enable the sync?

  • Ensure that you’ve signed in to your iCloud account in the System PreferencesApple IDiCloud and have iCloud Drive activated.
  • Just go to Timemator’s PreferencesiCloud Sync and turn on the switch.

What happens with my data if I deactivate the iCloud Sync?

If you deactivate the iCloud Sync after using it for a while, all your tracked data will remain safe on your device and you can continue to work without the sync. A copy of this data will also be stored in the Cloud so you can sync other devices with it. If you re-active the iCloud Sync again, all the local changes will be synced with the current state in the Cloud.

If you want to remove all your data from the cloud, go to Timemator’s menu File → hold the ALT key and select Reset Cloud Data…

Who can access my data in the cloud?

We use Apple’s CloudKit service to sync your data. This data will be stored in your private container there only you with your Apple-ID credentials have access to. Read more on our privacy policy page.