Timemator 2 (Mac) - Automatic Time-Tracking for Freelancers

Automate your time-tracking and forget about the timer. Forever.

Activity Timeline

Always remember
where your time went

Timemator automatically captures everything you do on your Mac. You can go back to review what you were working on and with just a few clicks, assign the time to your projects.

See it in action


Let Timemator start
the timer for you

Define your rules

Tell Timemator which files you’re working on or what applications you use for your work. Just drag & drop them into the Timemator window to create your rules.

Just start working

Once you open your working file or application, Timemator will start the timer for you automatically!

See how Timemator
will improve your workflow:

For Designers

Timemator knows when you design in your favorite layout app, have your project files open, search for inspiration or have a meeting with your client.

Timemator supports:
… and many other.

For Developers

Timemator knows when you code in your favorite IDE or text-editor, have your project files open, search for references on Stackoverflow or join a scrum meeting.

Timemator supports:
… and many other.

For any professional

Timemator is a great citizen in our daily workflow. Once configured, it will track your working time in the background. You will always have an overview of tracked hours and earned revenue for every single day, week or month.

Focus on your work.
Let Timemator remember and track everything for you.

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Requires macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher

Traditional time-keeping

In addition to Auto-tracking you can still use the traditional timer with the start / pause button, manually add timing sessions or edit existing ones.

Review and Report

Every second counts

Billable hours

Set your hourly rate for tasks and let Timemator calculate your revenue. In the end, you can just export a report and send it directly to your client.

Flexible task structure

Do you have projects and tasks? Or maybe clients, their projects, tasks, and sub-tasks? Or just simple trackable items? It doesn’t matter: Timemator supports any structure you define. Just organize folders and tasks like you would do with files in Finder.

iCloud Sync

Keep all your tasks, folders, sessions, and auto-tracking rules synced across all your Macs. Learn more about this new feature in our iCloud Sync guide.

Intelligent Import

It is really easy to bring your existing data to Timemator. Import a CSV-file and let Timemator automatically recognize your data and its format. Accept the import and proceed to work where you left off.

Timemator automatically recognizes and imports data from:
or just any general CSV-file.
Works completely offline

Timemator works everywhere. It doesn't matter if you are in an office or on an airplane. You will never lose a second just because there is no internet connection.


What happens on your computer stays on your computer. Timemator keeps all your private data like tracked sessions or revenue on your device and doesn't send them anywhere.

Automatic backups

Never worry about losing your data. Timemator creates automatic backups and equips you with the control to recover previous data. You can also define a custom location like Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud Drive.

Handcrafted Native UI

Timemator is a true Mac-app and uses native technologies to provide the best performance and user experience on your system.

Stop wasting time on time-tracking today!

Timemator 2

  • One-time purchase
  • Use forever
  • Activate on 2 devices
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Timemator Basic

Same as Timemator but without Auto-tracking and Activity Timeline

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Product Roadmap

This is what’s coming next:

  • Billable hours
  • Reports Overview
  • Activity timeline
  • iCloud Sync
  • Timemator for iOS
  • Timemator for Teams
  • Timemator for Windows

We are here to support

Got any questions? Or maybe feature requests?
Check out our FAQ and Auto-tracking manuals or contact us to get more support.

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